Texas Stadium is also among the least-visited properties. On average it'll be landed on four times, at most. Like Jacobs Field, Texas Stadium is good to have as a trading piece.

Texas Stadium

Square Number






With 1 House


2 Houses


3 Houses


4 Houses


With a Hotel


Building Cost


Mortgage Value


Its mortgage value, $300,000, is also good if you need some quick cash.

Trading[1] EditEdit

Trade it as soon as you get it, for money. The purple group has by far the worst payoff percentage of any color group. If you are trading for another color property, then add in the difference in cash, plus about $10,000 to make the deal seem more appealing. If you are trading for a railroad, then add on $1,500,000. If you are trading for a utility (for whatever reason, as utilities are the worst properties), then add $1,000,000.

If they do not accept your offer, then trade one of your other properties, preferably not an orange or red property or an airport. Almost every other color group and the utilities you can trade.

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